From the Barrel Room


Flavor Patterns: 500ml

A barrel-aged sour refermented with red raspberries and bottle-conditioned on clover honey.

The process to create this beer is slightly different from the usual brewing process and took more than a year to complete. The base of the beer is a blend of our different blonde sour beers. It then underwent three more fermentations: once when we blended the sour base beers together, another when we added raspberries, and finally when we bottle-conditioned it. This method of multiple fermentations lends to a complex beer without being muddled.



Disenchantment 2: 500 mL

  • Recipes: blonde sour standard process, black sour standard process
  • Hops: Magnum (1 IBU)
  • Conditioning Honey: Wildflower

Our second Barrel-Aged Sour, from our GABF award-winning Disenchantment Series.

Batch 2 Blend: Our head of blending, Sean McKinney, and Brewmaster, Whit Baker, combined 3 Blonde Sour barrels and one Black Sour Barrel to make this delicious blend. 

Duality of Funk: 500mL and 750mL

  • Grain: raw wheat, raw rye, malted barley, toasted raw oats
  • Hops: Simcoe, El Dorado, Azacca
  • Conditioning Honey: Orange Blossom

Batch 1 process:  66% wort inoculated with house saison blend and house brettanomyces and 33% fermented saison blend for 1 month.  Both batches were blended into our new Foeder Crafters Foeder for 3 months before returning to stainless for a 2 lb/bbl dryhop of Simcoe, El Dorado, Azacca and conditioning period before being bottle conditioned.

Disenchantment: 500 mL

  • Recipes: blonde sour standard process, red sour standard process
  • Hops: Magnum (1 IBU)
  • Conditioning Honey: Wildflower

Batch 1 Blend: The five barrels in Batch #1, having fermented in French and American oak for an upwards of nine months, were chosen to create an expression unique to Bond Brothers. We brew barrel aged sours with only a single component in mind, and let the barrels inform us as to which shape the blend will take. Complexity comes from the components, making a blend that is more than the sum of its parts. Like the artist loading his palette full of colors, we fill our barrels with different wort and cultures so as to have as many pigments as possible in which to paint.

Two of the blonde barrels were chosen for their delicate notes of white grape.  The red barrel was chosen for it’s hints of tart cherry and it’s richness.  The other two blonde barrels were chosen for more nuanced complexity and represent the first batch of beer ever brewed at Bond Brothers.  This blend was allowed to referment for two months before being bottle conditioned with locally-sourced wildflower honey, which can be perceived as a sweet floral note in the aroma.