The Beer

O’Rascals 7.5%  

Foreign Export Stout  | Malty, Chocolate, Roast

Lager 4.8%  

Helles Lager  | Clean, Crisp, Light

Outsourcery 4.8%  

Kettle Sour with Hibiscus, Lactose, Cinnamon and Raspberry  | Raspberry Pie, Cinnamon, Coffee | A collab with Casita Cerveceria

Slight Obstruction 5.5%  

Oat Pale Ale  | Lime, White Bread, Bitter

Cedar Street Copper  7%  

Copper Lager  | Crisp, Toast, Sweet Corn

Mango Apricot Sorcery  4.8%

Kettle Sour with Mango and Apricot  | Juicy, Mango Tea, Apricot Preserves

Sugar & Spice  6.8%

Spiced Dubbel  | Snickerdoodle Cookie, Dried Fruit, Sourdough

Peasant Brawl 8.5%  

Belgian Golden Strong with Spices  | Spicy, Fruity, Crisp

Small Malty  3.5%  

English Mild  | Crumb Cake, Bread Crust, Burnt Sugar

It’s the Principle 7.2%

American IPA  | Dank, Spice, Citrus

Saison Paradiso 6%

Saison | Tropical, Spicy, Grapefruit Preserves

*Wine and cider will also be available